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Magnet Man

Liew Thow Lin is known as the “Magnet Man” because he has the ability to stick metal objects to his body. Liew has performed in many charity events showing his ability.[citation needed] He can make metal objects, weighing up to … Continue reading

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Facts about Warren Buffet

1) Warren bought his first share at age 11 and he now regrets that he started too late! 2) He bought a small farm at age 14 with savings from delivering newspapers. 3) He still lives in the same small … Continue reading

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Oh My Gold !!

Datta Phuge calls himself “the gold man” and to live up to this self-image, he ordered himself a shirt made of gold to ring in the new year. He is a chit fund businessman from Pimpri, near Pune (India) . … Continue reading

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Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter (13 September 1960 – 27 July 1994) was an award-winning South African photojournalist and member of the Bang-Bang Club. He was the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize for his photograph depicting the 1993 famine in Sudan. He committed suicide at the age of … Continue reading

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